SingapoRediscover Campaign

As part of the Singapore government’s efforts to increase domestic tourism, all adult Singaporeans will be receiving a $100 digital vouchers for leisure, staycations, to attractions and local guides.

And in our effort to lend help, we will be guiding you through some of the forgotten places that’s not often talked about, especially among the local residents. Some of these places, you can even use your digital vouchers and lend help in boosting the tourism industry. Be sure to stay within the safety measure to stay safe!

1.Baba House

It’s popularity among tourists and locals have been decreasing in the recent years since people are more interested in high tech and current attractions. However, Baba House is one of the most important cultural and heritage places in Singapore.

It was once the ancestral home to a Peranakan Chinese family, with the interiors restored and preserved beautifully to bring visitors back to the 20th century Peranakan home. Often known as the NUS Baba House due to the National University of Singapore’s massive contribution and ownership that has helped preserve this beautiful piece of history.

There are many online activities such as talks and digital tours available for those unable to book a physical ticket. So you will be able to enjoy the beauty and deep history behind the house at the comfort of your home.

2. Haw Par Villa

Most often known among the locals to be a scary place due to its life like statues, the bizarre set ups, and the depiction of some of the gut-wrenching tales of the Chinese folklores, such as the Ten Courts of Hell – a maze of dioramas and tiny displace of statues of what happens to a soul in hell to atone for their sins, Haw Par Villa is a place you should visit at least once in your lifetime.

Pop by for a visit to this fascinating park of many stories and scenes of Chinese mythological stories and figures like Sun Wukong or the Laughing Buddha. It is one of the few of its kind, a large outdoor theme park, educating visitors on Chinese myths and tales in an engaging tour with over 1,000 dioramas and large statues. Be sure to be prepared for the outdoors, protect yourself from Singapore tropical weather with shades and drinks to stay hydrated!

3.Escape Rooms

The fast trending attraction where you can get your brain juices flowing, escape rooms are a perfect way for a nights out with your family or friends. With multiple themes for each type of escape room, the main purpose is to solve the riddles, puzzles and piece together all the clues to, like the name says, escape the room within a pre-set amount of time.

To make the escape room experience more futuristic, there’s even a virtual room, using the Visual Reality gadgets, thus it reinvents itself using current day technology. Other themes include, Mental Ward, Werewolf Curse, Haunted House, Zombie Apocalypse, Virus Outbreak and many more! You can find many deals to be enjoyed with your e-vouchers for sure.

4.Madame Tussauds Singapore

A worldwide famous attraction, Madame Tussauds is a wax museum with collections of famous celebrities and public figures’ replicas in wax. You can walk through the museum and meet the celebrities and get close and personal like you never thought you would be before.

A major tourist attraction worldwide, you definitely don’t want to miss what it has to offer. There are various local figures like former Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew and local stardom JJ Lin! The Museum features much more than just wax statues though, since it also contains VR Racing and 4D cinema to enable visitors’ experience much more current with high-tech gadgets so be sure to check it out!

5.Vintage Camera Museum

Take a walk through the camera lens (literally) into the museum of over 1,000 camera on display. From the replicas of the first ever camera, the biggest camera to the latest cameras, you will be able to touch, feel and experience how it’s like to look through the many lenses.

This place is perfect for all camera and photographer enthusiasts, displaying the chronological history of how far cameras have come. You’ll see a display of rare collections of photographs such as the authentic replica of the first ever photograph taken! So be sure to take a snap shot and experience the untold history of cameras, it’s more than just on your phone!

6.Edible Garden City

Just like the Garden City of Singapore, many local communities are working towards a much more sustainable living and the Edible Garden City is the proof of that. Promoting the grow-your-own-food movement, they want to start this campaign in order to increase awareness on how to be more sustainable with your own garden starting with restaurants and hotels around Singapore.

As of 2020, they have completed over 200 food gardens located in schools, attractions, malls, resorts and many more. Through this, their goal is to educate and have even partnered up with DBS, UBS and Straits Times! You can sign up for their workshop events and stay in the loop to learn more about their work.

They may not be a traditional attraction, but it’s a good cause that we should all be part of so be sure to join for a workshop or even volunteer with them to take care of our beloved planet!


Known among locals as the Gotham Building due to its magnificent décor and architecture on both exterior and interior, Atlas is home to one of the most grand lobbies, bougee bars and restaurants you can find in Singapore. Its distinct architecture can easily be seen from a mile away with inspirations from the glamourous Art Deco skyscrapers of New York and Europe.

Walk through the towering doors of Atlas to find yourself transported back to the Jazz Age elegance and glamour of 1920’s Art Deco Europe. Immerse yourself with the European cocktails with Asian gin prepared for your specially by the bartenders of Atlas decked out in their white blazers and amazing customer service. You can also find a century old shipwreck champagne and one of the largest gin collection in the world here! Even if you’re not looking to dine here, it’s still a great place to visit and check out.


One of the world’s largest wind tunnel for indoor skydiving, it’s the perfect place for your adrenaline to get pumping! You can experience the actual free-fall conditions without having to worry that you’d be thousands of feet in air, but is just a simulations of skydive.

From beginners to professional skydivers, anyone can access this wind tunnel which has earned multiple awards from TripAdvisor and Guinness World Records. It has also been formally recognised by IOS 9001 and OHSAS 18001 standards as the global standard for health and safety management systems that is well practiced here. So why no pop on by and take flight!


The world’s first indoor atrium net playground, you can let your fears go while bouncing and playing around on the elevated playground with distinct play zones such as the 3D maze, the floating ball pit, moonwalking and many more activities all done while on the nets several feet up between the atrium space of the shopping mall!

Be sure to trust the safety system of Airzone who are committed to ensuring every visitor and staff are safe. There are may safety factors in place along with Dos and Don’ts for guests as well. So be sure to drop by (no pun intended) and bounce away and let your inner child out here at Airzone!

10.Zero Latency

With the recent popularity of the Virtual Reality (VR) technology, Zero Latency makes use of that with their multiplayer VR gaming arena, the largest of its kind in Singapore. Immerse yourself in the Virtual Reality experience, getting lost in the world of several open world arenas to be explored by you, such as a zombie takeover, post-apocalyptic, virus outbreak and many other games to be explored here!

Zero Latency features state-of-the-art wireless technology with its motion tracking software to make your gameplay that much more realistic in virtual reality. Your mind will be transported to an unparalleled imaginative world of free to roam world. You will be given your own VR Headset (able to correct your myopia for those who need glasses), the controller, headphones, and military-grade vest-backpack for your free to roam gameplay!

So what are you waiting for? Be sure to visit these amazing attractions with your family and friends! You can still stay within the safety measure and have fun during the pandemic!


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