TOP 12 AI Companies in Asia

Baidu (China): Known for its search engine, Baidu is heavily investing in AI, particularly in autonomous driving and natural language processing.

Alibaba Cloud (China): Alibaba Cloud, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, offers cloud computing services and has been expanding its AI capabilities.

Tencent (China): A major player in the tech industry, Tencent has invested in various AI applications, including gaming, social media, and cloud services.

SenseTime (China): A leading AI company focused on computer vision and deep learning, with applications in facial recognition and autonomous driving.

Megvii (China): Specializing in computer vision technology, Megvii is known for its facial recognition systems and other AI applications.

iFlytek (China): A major player in the field of speech technology and natural language processing, iFlytek develops voice recognition and language translation systems.

Samsung (South Korea): While known for its electronics, Samsung has been making strides in AI, particularly in the development of AI chips and software.

NEC Corporation (Japan): NEC is a global technology company involved in various fields, including AI, with a focus on areas like facial recognition and biometrics.

Sony (Japan): Sony has been incorporating AI into its products and services, including AI-powered cameras, gaming, and entertainment.

SoftBank Robotics (Japan): SoftBank Robotics is involved in the development of humanoid robots and AI solutions for various industries.

TSMC (Taiwan): While primarily a semiconductor manufacturing company, TSMC plays a crucial role in the AI industry by producing advanced chips used in AI applications.

Foxconn (Taiwan): Known for manufacturing electronic products, Foxconn has been exploring AI applications in manufacturing processes and other areas.

Please verify the latest information, as the AI landscape is dynamic, and rankings can change over time. Additionally, new companies may have emerged, and existing ones may have undergone significant developments.


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